YKVZ Museum

We are YKVZ, creators of artistic clothing from Montreal, Canada. Our passion is meticulously conceiving clothes. Our mission is to offer a style that fill the gap between accessible and exclusive, which is reflected by our products. The latter have a simple, structured design and are carefully crafted in unique materials. The adventure started in 2012 while we were students. We shared the same idea; to redefine our day-to-day wardrobe with unique creations. Since then, we sketched, developed, tested and re-started multiple times. Today, we are finally ready to offer you the best of ourselves, resulting from all our years of development. The conception of each and every one of our items is the guaranteed work of passionate artists that share their emotions, art and culture through the final product. Our creations are exclusively designed in our Montreal studios. They are all handmade, which assures us that our unique work gets the best quality possible.

Best Regards,
The YKVZ Team